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Hi, I'm Jenny

I’m Jenny Sansouci, publisher of Healthy Crush – a love affair with living well and I want to help you feel awesome more often.

To me, feeling awesome is about living life passionately, powerfully and taking radically good care of ourselves – so I’m here to give you the best resources I can possibly find to help you feel really good, more sustainably.

The most nourishing foods, beverages and supplements to fuel your body with vibrant energy, the coolest personal development insights that will blast your creativity, inspiration and fulfillment to new heights…whatever life-enhancing treats I can find for you, I’ll deliver them. Sometimes on the blog, sometimes in my weekly newsletter.

Am I always “living well”? No way. It’s important to me to share about living well because I know, very intimately, what it feels like when I’m not. And for this reason, I’m committed to experimenting and sharing.

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